Boone Technologies releases fishy-looking CNC aero (maybe) cranks

Boone Technologies, a small manufacturer of unusual machined metal bike parts and chainrings, has released a new crankset dubbed the Cranx!.

CNC-machined out of billet aluminium, the cranks have a cuttlebone-esque shape that is said to offer “excellent aerodynamic drag reduction”, at a claimed weight of 245g per crank arm.

The shape is supposedly what makes these cranks aero. We’re not sure if the dimples are simply cosmetic or also intended to reduce drag.
Boone Technologies Cranx!
The rear of the crank is CNC-machined to reduce weight.

The crankset can be used with Boone Technologies’ own titanium direct-mount chainrings, or with its CNC-machined aluminium spiders.

Available in a polished finish, and a single crank length of 175mm, the Cranx! crankset is designed to work with a BB30 bottom bracket spindle.

The price for the cranks alone is a cool $495, but this obviously reflects their small-scale production and niche design.

Boone Technologies Cranx!
There’s no data to back up the aero claims, but these cranks look really cool and that surely counts for a lot.

In terms of the claimed aerodynamic benefits, the overall shape is clearly promising – fish shapes are good, aerodynamically (or should that be hydrodynamically?) – but Boone Technologies hasn’t put any figures forward. It looks like this claim may simply be the result of the eyeball-test alone.

Likewise, the single length of 175mm is probably too long for many modern aero-aficionados. Given the Cranx! is targeted primarily at a mountain bike audience, however, these things probably won’t be of major concern to many.

Are fish-shaped cranks the thing missing from your cycling life? Let us know in the comments below.

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