10 Of The Best Off Road Ebikes Of The Year

The best electric mountain bikes not only look awesome, but are also a ton of fun to ride! The first time we got on them, the smiles never left our faces.
The day didn’t seem like work at all until it was ending and I knew that there were more tests still waiting for us in the morning. When it comes to electric mountain bikes, great is an understatement. These bicycles are flipping fantastic! We had so much fun testing these gadgets that we’re embarrassed to call this work.

Why is it important to buy an electric mountain bike? Well, they are much more comfortable and easier on the body than a regular bicycle. They also provide you with different levels of assistance based on your personal preference: whether that’s climbing uphill or just cruising through town. If this sounds like something you would be interested in – read our guide!

Let’s take a look at the best electric mountain bikes on the market. What do they offer? Well, for one thing, you won’t have to stop and charge your battery halfway through!

The response to ebikes has been anything but uniform. Initially, the sceptics were vocal about how it was cheating and people riding them should be disqualified from races or events that require pedaling. Quickly though those same die-hard skeptics changed their tune and started saying things like ‘If I can’t beat you on a bike then why not just join you?’

Ebikes are slowly becoming more accepted in society by even the most ardent of critics who initially accused riders as cheaters for using pedal assist technology; now if they see someone with an ebike coming up behind them, instead of accusing these new cyclists (who may seem faster) without ever having really tried one themselves, often times they will say something

For those who have never ridden a bike, the prospect of doing so can be quite intimidating. It’s no wonder that some people are put off by them when they look like this:
However, these days bikes come in all shapes and sizes to suit every rider from pro-level racer to casual commuter. Bike technology has also improved significantly with ebike motors providing pedal assistance on demand as well as being more lightweight than ever before!

Some people would say this burst of innovation has been caused by riders who want better performance than what was available years ago or because designers finally figured out how best to use some outdated components like big shocks with small motors—or maybe even just make something aesthetically pleasing enough not be laughed at every time you put one down outside someone

And with Shimano and Bosch comprehensively updating their flagship bikes this year, it’s unlikely that you will have to worry about a power increase or battery technology leap for at least two years — unless of course all other companies follow suit.

The best new bikes on the market are plentiful and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and prices. In this article we’ll walk you through our favorite e-bikes from both shop-bought brands like Felt Bicycles to direct sales companies like Urbike Design.

Top five best e-bikes: shop-bought

  • Trek Rail 9 – E-Bike of the Year
  • Whyte E-160 RS V1
  • Specialized Turbo Kenevo Expert
  • Merida eOne-Sixty 8000
  • Cannondale Moterra SE

Top five best e-bikes: direct-sales

  • YT Decoy Shred – E-Bike of the Year
  • Canyon Spectral:ON CF 8.0
  • Radon Render 10.0
  • Vitus E-Escarpe VRX
  • Vitus E-Sommet VRX

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